My name is Starless, I am 39 y/o and I live with my mother.
I consider myself a Half-Elf; (Anglo Saxon and Blackfoot)
My religion is Fair-Sikh, which is a cross between Judaism and Sikhism.
I am obviously a bit of a man-child in case you didn’t get that from the “Half-Elf” reference. I enjoy reading scripture (all scripture) and am fascinated with world religions. I like reading, drawing, and writing. I am also currently captivated with gematria and Kabbalah-?. I am a “Cat-person” and currently have one familiar named ‘Garlic’. My only other internet presence was the (now defunct) conspiracy site TheUnicornNightmare.com which I am now ashamed of. The name starless is also frequently used by Trolls. It used to bother me that people would impersonate me or leave stupid comments as variations of my name, but I am over all that. It’s just part of the territory.

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