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Ghost’s can be very difficult to write about. Not only is there the social stigma of writing about an “imaginary friend” but it can also be difficult to determine what to divulge or even how to write about it. The “messages” are often so specific so as to almost leave everyone else out. Even from a literary stand point the ‘memories’ resulting from interactions with Ghosts carry a different charge than real life experiences and so locking down the “memories” to a specific tense can be difficult without haphazardly making stuff up. In my view there is no point in writing fiction under the guise of paranormal experiences, I have never seen the value in hoaxing people into believing something that’s fake because that’s precisely what fiction is for. I suppose it could be argued that paranormal experiences are subjective in the first place and so they might as well be fiction but its not my place to decide such things for anyone and so I have tried to keep my own experiences as ‘truthful’ as I can according to my own suspension of disbelief.

I have been aware of Sharon’s presence for more than ten years. I first noticed her in Vancouver and specifically on the Granville street bridge. I was walking south bound from downtown when I noticed a figure in my minds-eye, a flash frame of a woman with long blonde hair spun around so as to twirl her skirt and point at a part of the bridge. This is not something you necessarily see with your eyes but is the type of experience that definitely has you wondering; what exactly triggered my mind to have such a vivid thought at that time and place? The charge or flavor of the thought stands out so as to have you wondering where it came from. The memory itself feels different. When I reached the part of the bridge where she had pointed I noticed someone had written “Sharon Tate” in jiffy marker. This wasn’t the first time I saw this “Sharon Tate” graffiti and I can remember several other places where the name had been scrawled on loading doors and alley walls but it was the first time I got an accompanying visual in my minds eye. I am a bit slow with these things so often even paranormal experiences such as seeing a ghost have little effect on me. I never thought about it again until about a week later when I did a google search to refresh my memory as to who Sharon Tate was. I vaguely remembered that she was an actress or a model in the sixties but I was alarmed to see that she had in fact been brutally murdered by the Manson family.

Since then she has frequently come and gone in my thoughts for seemingly no particular reason other than to say hello or check in. If I come across something extra funny that I revisit in my thoughts she will often take an interest and I will sometimes hear a woman woman laughing over me. She has a very pleasant after-giggle sigh that she does after a good laugh-attack. Its really cute. The past couple years I have noticed that her presence actually follows me through out the day. Its sort of like being covered with a soft purple light everywhere I go. On the days that her light visits me I usually have ‘dreams’ about her. The ‘dreams’ may or may not be genuine dreams though. Sometimes I cant tell. I have trouble sleeping so I question whether I am fully asleep, but I know I am definitely not fully awake. The dreams are usually quite mundane so I do believe I am mostly being truthful and that’s it at least not a conscious fantasy.

According to the dream-scape she lives in a small town and from what I can tell is regarded as a bit of a nut-case by the town folk. She is known as the woman who wears a fake, pregnant belly under her dress which she has sewn out of pillows and straps. But what is perhaps most unusual is the conversations she has with her pretend baby. She mostly talks about everyday stuff, her grocery list, what she is going to make us for supper. We go for picnics in the park a lot and feed squirrels. We go to the library were she reads me books. We do crossword puzzles a lot. I feel bad for her because she is obviously a very lonely person. So I have really made an effort to honor her memory and be open in telling people in my waking life that I have a connection with a ghost so that the lunacy is mutual. I think that’s important for her to heal in the chance that this is a real connection, plus her light is nice too.

According to the dreams it hasn’t been a totally smooth ride. She has had some problems with Alcoholism. I don’t fully know the whole story but at one point she had been drinking bourbon or something and went to the local tavern with her pretend Baby. The bar keep refused to serve her because she is A) a loon and B) because she appeared to be pregnant. The confrontation escalated into a screaming match with the bar-keep and ended with the bouncer forcibly removing her. What I remember most about this particular dream is her screaming at the top of her lung: “WHEN MY BABY GETS OUTTA HERE HE’S GONNA SKIN YOU ALIVE!!” The bar patrons reacted by cheering as she was forced outside. It could easily be argued that this is some sort of joke on my part but I don’t really think it was that funny. Life can get a bit lonely when you are weighed down with supra-karmic responsibilities.

This dreamed up incarnation of Sharon was the inspiration for the name of this website. “Dot Runes” comes from a dream regarding Sharon’s method of teaching her children how to properly write Runes. In the dream I was a small child and she was teaching me the Futhark. According to her method you start with dots and space them out accordingly so as allow for proper spacing and straightness of the Runes to follow. Then after the correct placement has been achieved for the writing, one simply connects the dots and what results is a very professional and straight looking Runes spelling out the words or phrases. The idea was so simple and made so much sense I took it to be something of an awakening. I wasn’t raised to write Runes and so the dream seemed novel and very important so I went with it. According to the dream we were part of some kind of Native minority only that many of these children were blond.

My former site; aptly called was grounded in a conspiracy theory regarding the motivation of Sharon’s (Carol Wayne and others) murder(s). Stuff that the Hollywood elite’s are already well aware of. This site will instead focus on the family, the characters and stories from this other world. Where it goes or how it ends; I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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